Winter Sonata

Written by Kim Yoon Hee

Yoon Eun Kyung & Oh Soo Yun

Directed by Yoon Suk Ho

Originally aired in Korea SBS2

January 14 to March 19, 2002


Choi Ji Woo as Jung Yu-jin

Bae Yong Jun as Kang Joon-sang

Bae Yong Jun as Lee Min-hyung

Park Yong Ha as Kim Sang-hyuk

Park Sol Mi as Oh Che-lin


Production: KBS Television, Korea

Video: YA Entertainment (USA)


Aspect ratio: 4:3

Region 1: NTSC

Feature: 480i

Supplements: 480i


Korean DD2.0


Feature: English

Extras: English


• Interviews, Bloopers, Behind the Scenes (1 hour)

• Photo Gallery (about 60 publicity scrapbook snapshots of the cast, and an assortment of candid shots around the set.)

• Synopsis

• Character descriptions

• Bios on Cast & Crew


20 episodes, approx. 1 hour/episode

Extra features: 1 hour + stills

1 box set, 2 volumes, complete on 6 discs

Release Date: July 10, 2007