aka: The Phantom Chief

Written by Choi Ran

Produced by Lee Yong Suk

Directed by Lee Yong Suk

Based on the manhwa by Ko Woo Yung

Originally aired on SBS/Korea

from 21 May to 24 July, 2008


Lee Jun Ki as Iljimae / Yong / Lee Geom

Han Hyo Joo as Eun Chae

Park Shi Hu as Shi Hu / Cha Dol

Lee Young Ah as Bong Soon

Lee Moon Shik as Swe Dol (Yong’s adopted father)

Kim Sung Ryung as Dani (Shi Hu’s mother)

Lee Won Jong as Byun Sik (Eun Chae’s father)

Ahn Kil Kang as Kong He (Bong Soon’s adopted father)

Kim Chang Wan as The King

Kim Moo Yul as Shi Wan (Eun Chae’s brother)


Production: ENE Media (Korea)

Television: SBS, Korea

Video: SBS, Korea


Aspect ratio: 16x9 / anamorphic

Region 3 (locked)

Format: NTSC

Feature: 480i

Supplements: 480i / 4:3


Korean Dolby Digital 2.0


Feature: English, Korean

Extras: Korean


• Behind the Scenes (59:35)

• Preview (7:02)


20 episodes, approx. 65 min/episode

Published in box set, totaling 7 discs

Release Date : September 18, 2008