Teenage Rebel


Teenage Rebel

Screenplay by Walter Reisch & Charles Brackett

From the play by Edith Sommer

Photography by Joseph MacDonald

Art Direction by Jack Martin Smith & Lyle Wheeler

Edited by William Mace

Produced by Charles Brackett

Directed by Edmund Goulding

Theatrical Release: 1956



Ginger Rogers

Michael Rennie

Mildred Natwick

Rusty Swope

Lili Gentle

Louise Beavers

Irene Hervey

Betty Lou Keim


Production Studio:

Theatrical: 20th Century Fox

Video: Fox Cinema Archive



Aspect ratio: 1.33:1 (cropped from 2.35:1)

Resolution: 480i

Disc Type: DVD-VOD

Bit Rate: Moderate (ca. 5.5 Mbps)

Runtime: 94 min.

Region: 1



English Dolby Digital 2.0 ??





Bonus Features:




DVD Clamshell Case: DVD/VOD

Street Date: April 16, 2013


Critical Press:

TV Guide

Rogers' teenage daughter comes home after living with her father for a number of years only to find that she isn't too fond of her new step-dad or step-brother. She soon grows to love her new surroundings, for the first time feeling accepted and loved. Teenage Rebel is a nicely handled little family drama, and although Keim is occasionally a bit mannered, the acting is fine, with Rogers especially good in one of her last starring films before she returned to the stage. Oscar nominations went to the film's art directors, set decorators, and costume designers. Songs: "Cool It, Baby" (Leigh Harline, Carroll Coates) and "Dodie" (Ralph Freed, Edmund Goulding).



Image: 2

What’s this! 4x3 Pan & Scan reduction in this day and age when nearly 100% of all TV sets sold in the USA 16x9 high-definition! This is becoming a habit with CinemaScope movies on Fox Cinema Archives VOD, which means that 40% of the movie is missing from this video, and makes any discussion of how good or bad the remaining image is moot. As it happens, the image quality is otherwise generally acceptable, though contrast and brightness are not always what they should be.






Recommendation: 1

Despite its luridly suggestive title, the movie itself is a smartly written and sensitively dramatized family drama. Unfortunately Fox chose not to give it a transfer worthy of the effort those involved with the making of this film would appreciate. “Pan & Scan” video transfers are unacceptable, and always have been in my opinion; but for today’s Widescreen television displays, all the more so even for the average Joe.

Leonard Norwitz

© LensViews

May 12, 2013

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