Film, Video, Music and Photography




This website includes much of my work as a critic of film, video, and music over the past two decades.  You will also find galleries of my photographic work in the digital medium.

Blu-ray & DVD Reviews
Each review includes a critique of the film, screen captures, a score card for the image and sound, and a consideration of the bonus features.

Opera and Ballet on Blu-ray
The ultimate in home theatre presentation.       

Korean TV Dramas
Korean TV series with English subtitles on DVD.

Music Reviews 
I write about vinyl phonograph records, concentrating on mono recordings from the 1950s and 1960s.
Audio & Video
Audio & video components and systems: and their ability to play recorded music & movies.

Citiscapes of Rome, Florence, Venice, Paris, Brighton, Belgium and Spain, Maryland’s Eastern Shore, the San Francisco Bay Area and the occasional Zoo.

Leonard Norwitz